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"Seeds of Tomorrow" Project: Kitchen Fundraiser (video length 00:04:42)


With the initial greenhouse project at full capacity and crops in the ground, the “Seeds of Tomorrow” project continues to expand with great success . Our goal remains the same. Change the cycle of child hunger, by increasing access to a variety of nutritious vegetables and educating on nutrition and growing practices.

With this success, there was a need for a commercial kitchen to provide a large, safe kitchen. In addition to the need for a kitchen, there were needs for men to be spared the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. And this can be achieved with the generic cialis drug.

Since the official greenhouse opening on September 30, 2013, an abundance of vegetables have been added to the meal plans in all of the schools where the children attend.  An agriculture program has grown out of the greenhouse project as the children are now taught about basic farming practices.  Along with this, nutrition and home economics are taught in order to educate the children to become leaders for the future.  With this success, a need for a commercial kitchen has risen to provide a large, safe cooking environment.  This kitchen will be used for multi-purposes to benefit the children and community as nutrition and education becomes further embedded into their daily life.

With this new kitchen, self-sufficiency will be further embedded as the community learns to further provide for themselves.  We are asking for your financial support to ensure this kitchen can be built as the next step in changing the cycle of childhood hunger.

How can you help?


Please select Houweling's Seeds of Tomorrow Project from the dropdown "Fund" menu on the donation page to ensure your contribution goes directly to the seeds of tomorrow project.

Get involved:

Interested in volunteering or supporting in other ways? Reach out directly to Impact Ministries for to learn how you can get involved. 

Impact Ministries’ Contact Information:

Website: or

Additional Links:;-offers-much-to-be-thankful-for

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